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ATL (Associated Translators and Linguists) is a Sydney based company founded in 1964. After a change of ownership in 2012, the company’s goal was to systemise time consuming paperwork and administrative tasks. 

What we did:

Ostral developed ATL website based on existing client’s design and systemised ATL day to day operations into a hosted booking and management system: the OBMS (Online Booking and Management System).

The system is used daily by ATL office administrators handling over 100 requests a day as well as ATL translators, interpretors and clients (Legal, Insurance, government institutions). ATL office administrators, translators and clients are now working on a central database  accessible online via user-friendly dashboards.

Our approach:

Ostral engaged two developers who worked closely with the business owner. An initial platform was built after a few month, tested and used by ATL staff.

The system has been continually improved over the time with new dashboards created (admin, interpreters, clients), new  functions implemented (SMS booking / reminders), new integrations with existing systems (XERO) and  performance increased to cope with the growing number of business users / requests.

The system uses HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, REST and JSON for the front-end part of the application.

The back-end is coded in PHP linked to a mySQL database. We are currently moving the existing back-end system to a RESTful API developed in PHP.
The current system is hosted on a private VPS managed by Ostral.