Wheels’n Boards

Wheels’n Boards is an emerging skateboard brand from Byron Bay NSW. The business was initially launched through the drop shipping platform hardtofind.com.au in 2013 with a range of skateboard related products: custom printed skateboards, laser engraved skateboards as well as skateboard shelves. Later on, wheels’n boards launched their own website wheelsnboards.com and expended further on other drop shipping platforms such as etsy.com.au

Wheelsnboards required the services of a company to handle the backend of the business:


Ostral developed wheelsnboards website and developed automation to optimize the day to day operations of the business:


Ostral used a consultative approach to design a functional website using the Shopify platform. Ostral analyzed and managed the day to day business operations to develop an online system that communicates with existing online platforms.

The system reduced time-consuming activities such as managing stock, fulfilling orders and optimizing daily bookkeeping tasks.